Photo Gallery of Escaramuza Las Zacatecanas at the Horse Fair 2021


Check out the amazing Escaramuza Las Zacatenas of Des Moines at their presentation for the 2021 Iowa Horse Fair.

“Being an Escaramuza is important to me because when we dress up we represent Mexico and our culture. The Escaramuza is class and beauty, with our beautiful beasts we ride. The connection I have with my horse is unbelievable. We are the female side of charreria demonstrating that anything a man can do we can do too on a side saddle. Everytime the team is ready to go we get a great sense of orgullo and pride.” Alejandra Piña, a member of the Escaramuza, said about her deep love of her culture. 


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Check out the images here from Tar Macias of Hola Iowa and also check out the other galleries from Escaramuza Las Zacatecanas Infantil and the Charros from Rancho El Carretero. 

Photo Gallery of the Charros at the Horse Fair 2021

Photo Gallery of las “Escaramuzitas” at the Horse Fair 2021

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