Friday 12th:

Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Silvis hosts their Our Lady of Guadalupe festivities on the 12th. Mass will be held at 8:00 PM, followed by a procession to the parish hall nearby where the festivities will commence with food and music.

St. Mary’s East Moline: The Mañanitas will take place at 4:30 AM  on Dec 12th. On Sunday the 14th there will be a noon mass followed by a potluck.


St. Mary’s Sterling: The Mañanitas will take place at 5:00 AM. For more information call:
(815) 625-0640.

Sunday 14th

St. Mary’s Moline: The Moline festivities start at 6 AM with the Marian hymns (las Mañanitas). This will be followed by breakfast and the weekly Mass in Spanish follows at noon.

St. Mary’s Davenport: St. Mary’s hosts their annual Mañanitas at 6 AM, followed by breakfast and Mass. The Mass is in Spanish and begins at 11 AM. St. Mary’s is located at 416 Fillmore St. in Davenport, northwest of the Centennial Bridge.

St. Mary’s parish in Muscatine will have an Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass at 12:30. The parish is located at 205 W 8th St in Muscatine, IA.  A fiesta will follow beginning at 2:00 PM at 1919 Grandview Ave (Hwy 61).


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