Ostrich Boots in the Redstone Room, Chingo Bling Tours the Q-C


chingoThe River Music Experience (RMX) had a very unique experience when Chingo Bling came through with his They Can’t Deport Us All Tour on Saturday, May 19th and brought the house down with his unique rhymes and show.  Inside the RMX’s Redstone Room about 300 fans sang along to some of his most popular songs like, “Ostrich boots”, “What did he said” and “Mas Maiz”.  The tour also featured Stunta, Coast, JezuFavio “The Corrido Mix-King” and DJ Showstoppa.
The show was kicked off with local opening acts that prepared the crowd for this unique tour.  JezuFavio hit the stage doing a break-dance style dance dressed in mariachi pants complete with the metal coins running along the sides, ostrich
work boots and A black T-shirt with gold $100 bills printed.  After JezuFavio’s Mexican “corridos”, Coast and Stunta rocked the crowd with their grimy Texas lyrics.  The two stayed on stage when Chingo Bling finally made his presence felt.  The three kept the crowd going into the night.  During his set, Chingo Bling stopped for a moment and presented his father, who was recording with a video camera on stage.  Chingo finished the show with new music from latest album They Can’t Deport Us All, that will be out August 14th.   After the show Chingo, Stunta, Coast, and JezuFavio signed autographs and took pictures with the fans.  This was the first show of its kind to be presented in the Quad Cities and the Redstone Room.
Chingo Bling did get a chance to know some of the people and places around the Quad Cities when he stopped at Chrome Shack’s new location across the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport for a meet and greet autograph signing session.  There fans of all ages came to get a picture taken with the “Ghetto Vaquero”, Stunta, and Coast.  Chingo event signed a bag of beans for one of his fans.  After that his crew was hungry for some cooked food and made a stop at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Moline where they ate before the concert.

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