OnDoc and Patient RX Discount: Revolutionary New Affordable Healthcare Options


It is no secret at this point that the healthcare industry in this country is a joke. For individuals and families not covered by large/corporate employer-sponsored or governmental plans (and many times even those remain underserved) current healthcare and prescription drug costs simply put (and keep) wellness out of reach for so many.

Be there preexisting condition clauses or unmanageable deductibles to meet, not to mention drug and treatment costs that create completely unmanageable debt situations, healthcare in this country is in crisis and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in site.


Enter OnDoc, a monthly subscription service giving subscribing patients access to an entire network of medical, wellness, service, and advocacy professionals generally inaccessible to the currently underserved, at a pricepoint finally allowing healthcare to be placed as a top priority.

Many low income families and individuals make monthly choices in order to work within a limited budget or deal with debt burden. Housing and utility costs often force personal or familial healthcare concerns to the back of the priority line, creating escalated and unmanageable situations, like untreated illness escalation and costly treatment or, worst case scenario, unnecessary loss of life due to an inability to access needed treatment(s).


OnDoc’s monthly subscription model allows patients access to medical professionals via phone who can prescribe needed medication when medically necessary. Patient RX Discount allows for up to an 85% discount off brand name and generic pharmaceuticals within a network of over 60,000 local and large retail pharmacies, nationwide.

Additionally, Patient RX Discount is accessible through a mobile app (search ‘Patient RX Discount’ in the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android) that not only stores the patient’s discount card and program, but includes a GPS-enabled pharmacy locator that calculates the lowest drug cost(s) on prescribed medication, and the location(s) of pharmacies nearby offering the lowest cost(s).

For more information on OnDoc or to subscribe, please visit their website: http://patientrxdiscount.myondocsite.com. You can learn more about Patient RX Discount at https://app.patientrxdiscount.com/ref/7015.

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