MMA Fighters Take To The Cage


Chris Underwood has been training in mixed martial arts (MMA) for about 2 ½ years.  He has been training very hard for his fight against Matt Duncomb.  Underwood and Duncomb were the first fights of the night, Chris “The Undertaker” Underwood had control of the fight from the moment guest referee Spencer Fisher started the match. 

Underwood said he had trained and conditioned to fight both on his feet and on the ground, in less than two minutes “The Undertaker” had Duncomb on the ground and began punching his face and body as hard as he could until Referee Fisher stopped the fight.  Chris Underwood stood up with hardly breaking a sweat.

Local fighters packed into a standing room only crowd of 600 people at the Moline Community Center in Downtown Moline.  The fighters are coming into the octagon better trained; they are throwing harder punches, and improving their ground game.  Throughout the night fighters were being knocked out within the 1st minute of being in the ring and a few more within the first round.  The fastest tap out of the evening went to Randy Meade forcing Ron Imhoff to tap out with a choke hold in 19 seconds.  Zach Mickelwright entered the octagon with the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” playing for his introduction and it did not phase him at all.  Mickelwright gave Bruce Lee Miller a beating and knocked him out in the 1st round.

A surprising fight of the night between Jerry Bernauer and Demetrius Summers brought the crowd to its feet.  Bernauer showed patience and skill while tossing Summers around the ring.  Bernaur’s hard training earned him a victory after he took control of Summers and began pounding on his face. When referee Spencer Fisher stopped the fight Summers continued to swing and landed a couple punches to Fishers chin.  Shortly after the Bernauer victory Emily Fisher, Spencer’s wife, demonstrated that a woman can be just as dangerous as a man in the ring.  Emily showed off tremendous strength and skill as she sparred with Spencer Fisher.  Mrs. Fisher was flipping Spencer Fisher over, blocked and dodged punches, and even demonstrated some challenging moves and arm bars.


Spring Breakage truly entertained the crowd and left them wanting more.  Big name fighters in attendance included guest referee Spencer Fisher and Tim Sylvia who were both willing to meet with fans and take pictures.  Although at the beginning of the matches there were some seating issues, the promoters assured that the people who paid for their seats had a chair and fulfilled their end of the bargain by showcasing some of the Midwest’s finest MMA talent.

Chris Underwood defeated a Matt Duncomb
Gerald Bernauer defeated a Demetrius Summers
Caleb Meadly defeated a Adam Tator
Kyle Dietz defeated a Jeff Beamer
Anthony White defeated a Bob Litwiller
Randy Meade defeated a Ron Imhoff
Zach Mickelwright defeated a Bruce Lee Miller
Kyle Gray defeated a Seth Cook
Bob Williams defeated a Jake Wingo
Ramiro (Jr) Hernandez defeated a Travis Nath
Brandon Knapp defeated a Lee Defusse
Willie Dale defeated a Derek Wilson
Eric Wisely defeated a Danny Rodriguez

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