Meet the candidate: Mike Gonzalez for Iowa State Senate District 45


Due to untimely death of Joe Seng (D) a special election has been called to fill in the Iowa State Senate District 45 seat. The special election will take place on December 27, 2016. Let us introduce to you Mike Gonzalez, one of the candidates running to fill the vacant seat. If elected, Mike Gonzalez would be the first Hispanic ever to serve in the Iowa Legislature.

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Mike Gonzalez moved to Davenport from Chicago at the age of 13 years old when his father got a job at the Oscar Mayer plant. Mr. Gonzalez attended Davenport West and the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. Mr. Gonzalez was a member of the Scott County Sheriff Reserves and in November of 1999 he became a full time officer with the LeClaire Police Department. Currently, this happily married father of three is the Sergeant of Patrol Operations or in other words he manages the patrol division.

“During my career I have done everything from investigations, traffic, evidence processing, property and evidence. I have attended numerous specialized training sessions from car seat, crisis negotiations and the Iowa Intelligence Network,” Mike Gonzalez shared.


Even though Mr. Gonzalez always played with the idea of getting involved in politics and had plans to do so after retiring from the police department, the opportunity knocked on his door before he retired from the force and he decided to take it.

“My parents were always involved in politics while I was growing up so there was always a desire to serve the community,” Mr. Gonzalez explained.

One of the reasons that made him want to run for the seat in the Iowa State Senate was when he noticed the funding issues that the school district was facing.


“I want to work in Des Moines to help our kids get the education and education funding they deserve,” Mr. Gonzalez said.

If chosen to fill the vacant seat in the government Mike Gonzalez would like to try to remake the tax code, so residents of Iowa would pay less taxes. He believes in smaller government and he would like to see Des Moines “get out of the way of small business and let businesses create jobs.”


If elected, Mike Gonzalez would not only be the first Hispanic in the Iowa Legislature, but also he is someone who truly understands the importance of being a public servant and representative of the people.

“I have been police officer for 17 years and I find great joy in serving the people,” Mike Gonzalez explained. “I do not plan on being a politician, my desire is to be a true citizen legislature, representing the people of the district, not special interest groups. Career politicians are not what our founding fathers had in mind for our leaders.”


Mike Gonzalez for Iowa State Senate District 45. The election is on December 27 of 2016. District 45 covers West Davenport and Buffalo, IA. Voters can vote at their regular voting locations or by absentee ballot. Early voting is also available at Scott County Auditor’s Office.

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