Mary E. Campos was honored at the third annual luncheon for Al Éxito’s scholarship program with Honorary Degree by DMACC


On Wednesday afternoon, on the day before her 90th birthday, long-time Iowa Civil Rights Leader Mary Campos received an Honorary #DMACC Nursing degree from DMACC President Rob Denson. 

President Robert Denton of DMACC presenting Mary E. Campos with Honorary Degree.
Photo by Dawn Oropeza

In addition to receiving the honorary degree, Campos, surrounded by family and friends, was in attendance to personally witness the support of the Mary E. Campos Scholarship, which honors her dream of seeing young people, especially students of color, receive their higher education degrees. 


“So grateful that DMACC recognized Mary E Campos with an honorary nursing degree. An amazing birthday gift for a woman who healed so many in our community.” said Dawn Oropeza, executive director of Al Éxito.


Congratulations Mary! 

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