Marina Varela and Olga Cruz from Sun-Star Cleaning Service are named Multicultural Business Owners of the week by the Welcome to Floreciente FB page


Originally from Piedras Negras Coahuila and Salvatierra Guanajuato in Mexico, Marina and Olga met thanks to their husbands who regularly played soccer together on the same team. Having made an instant connection, Olga invited Marina to work with her on her new cleaning services business.

Although they both started working part-time as a way to generate additional income for their families, their dedication and excellent service soon allowed them to establish their business as a full time venture under the name Sun-Star Cleaning Services. The name draws inspiration from the notion that a star makes its own light, and reflects the fact that as business owners both Marina and Olga want to be recognized by the quality of their service.

When asked what makes their business different, they both answer that what sets them apart is their willingness to work at any time or day or the week in order to ensure the total satisfaction of their customers, which perfectly reflects their unwavering work ethic.


Sun-Star Cleaning Services can be contacted at 309-428-9694 and 309-314-7953 and currently offers both home and commercial cleaning services. Their business mission is to provide a clean and healthy work environment through a combination of highly trained staff and great customer service experience.

Looking at the future, both Marina and Olga hope to expand their business and offer services in both Iowa as well as Illinois. They believe that as entrepreneurs they are constantly learning and are thankful for the assistance they have received from the community as they watch their business grow. A tight knit community and safety are the two things they find most valuable in the Quad Cities area, and they both agree that the success of their business will always be linked to the success of this area as a region.

For all their hard work and commitment to their dream of starting a business, Marina and Olga are Welcome to Floreciente Multicultural Business Owners of the week, a part of Make it Here Quad Cities #MakeItHere #HazloAqui


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