Summer is coming and that means some companies will start offering seasonal work. While many temporary jobs can be just a way to earn some extra money to spend, others like HNI can also be an experience and a building block for a resume. This is especially great opportunity for college students.

HNI is inviting everyone older than 18 years old, willing to commit for at least 8 weeks during the summer to apply for their Summer Seasonal Program where applicants decide on their starting and ending date of their seasonal job. HNI focuses its seasonal programs on “building your skills in manufacturing.” The company pays weekly and the starting wage is $11 per hour. If you get a seasonal job with HNI you can expect shift premiums, overtime hours, paid holidays and end of summer bonus of $100 per week accrued. HNI is also willing to help prospective job takers to pay for their safety shoes.

There will be many benefits for those who decide to take this summer job. Workers will be part of the training program and will have a chance to train in many entry-level jobs like assembly, machine operation, forklift operation, material handling and others. Experience in this entry-level position will make a great building block in the resume and HNI prides itself in providing comfortable work environment and “team based approach to work.”

Summer can be spent lounging around and doing nothing, but also, summer can be used to beef up the resume and earn some extra money for spending. Apply for a seasonal job with HNI and get some experience in manufacturing. HNI is located at 816 E 5th St in Muscatine, IA. Walk ins are welcomed. Check out for more information about job opportunities with HNI and learn more about the company.


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