Los Primos Running More than Just Family


Staying fit is not always a fun thing to do and many people lose motivation when they work out on their own. In Quad Cities there is one great running club that combines family, friends, fun and fitness in one very neat package. Los Primos Running Club is a group of friends and relatives that exercise and have fun together while motivating each other to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

According to Matthew Rivera, one of the members of Los Primos Running Club, the Club was established in early 1900s with the first settlers in the railroad yards of Silvis, Illinois. Between 2010 and 2012 the Club changed its name from Primos Racing to Primos Running.

“We have consistently been a part of the running community for many years and future generations will continue this legacy,” Rivera explained.


The main purpose of the club is “to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise” but mainly the group focuses on running. Rivera indicated that they motivate each other and encourage each other and of course they participate in many different running and triathlon events.

“The reason for establishing [the Club] was to support each other through training, motivating and holding each other accountable for meeting our goals,” Matthew Rivera said.

One of the best things about los Primos Running Club is that they do not have official membership or dues to pay. Even though the founders of the club were family members, nowadays they include everyone who wishes to participate. Los Primos Running Club has members of different ages and genders. Every one of them has different athletic ability. Even though Primos Running are mainly family members this Club accepts everyone who is interested in exercising and trying to live healthy lifestyle.


Throughout the year Los Primos Running Club participates in many different running events in Quad City area. One can find them at Firecracker Run, QC Distance Classic, Bix 7 and The QC Marathon. Besides the most recognized running events of the Quad Cities, Los Primos Running Club also runs to support various events to benefit cancer research.

“These events are dear to our hearts; as we have friends and relatives currently battling cancer,” Rivera explained.


In addition to their participation in Race for the Cure and Gilda’s Run for Laughs, Los Primos Running Club also participates in Royal Ball Run for Autism. As Matthew Rivera told us they don’t always run just for fun, they run and walk in the memory of lost friends and family members.

Los Primos Running Club is one of a kind Club and its members come together to motivate, encourage and inspire each other not to give up on a healthy lifestyle and running.


“Our shared passion for running is passed on to friends and family through enthusiastic support and celebration! Our vision, mission and culture make running fun and sharing all the members accomplishments are memories that will last forever,” Matthew Rivera said.

If you want to become a member or just to keep up with Los Primos Running Club please look for Primos Running on Facebook.

Photos by Vey Rodriguez

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