Sometimes a flower pot is just a flower pot. Other times it can be more than that. In fact, a simple flower pot can end up promoting togetherness among neighbors.
Palomares Social Justice Center, Global Communities, Habitat and Boys and Girls Club came together to offer residents of the Floreciente neighborhood in Moline to come together and celebrate their neighborhood. Since November of 2015 Global Communities has hold community meetings for the Floreciente neighborhood residents. This idea of flower pots was a result of those meetings.
“The idea is that it will strengthen the feeling of togetherness in the community by everyone having a similar piece of art on their front porches,” Annisa Wanat, program director, explained. “In addition to working with neighbors on flower pots, [we are] working with businesses to ‘adopt’ flower pots for in front of their stores.”
These flower pots are available to Floreciente residents and businesses only. If you live in Floreciente you can sign up to decorate a flower pot that you can take home to put on the porch of your house. On May 7, the neighbors are invited to join other residents of Floreciente at the Boys & Girls Club, located at 338 6th St in Moline, where they can paint and later take home the flower pot. This particular flower pot project is part of Celebra Floreciente! an event that will take place Saturday May 7.
For more information about the flower pots and where to get a flyer to sign up for one please call (309) 207-1326 for English or (309) 207-1327 for Spanish. You can also send an email to [email protected] For information about the Celebra Floreciente! event please call (309) 751-7050 or (309) 292-1951. More information is also available at
All the residents of Floreciente are invited to come together, to mingle and meet new people and in the process participate in a project that will make this neighborhood a more beautiful place to live.

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