Latest poll results show key demographic gaps in Presidential Race in the swing state of Iowa

These are the results from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls, which found Hillary Clinton ahead in Iowa (by four points) among registered voters


Three key Gaps


Iowa  – Gender Gap

  • Men: Trump 43%, Clinton 33% (R+10)
  • Women: Clinton 49%, Trump 32% (D+17)

Iowa – The Education Gap

  • Whites with a college degree: Clinton 56%, Trump 25% (D+31)
  • Whites without: Trump 42%, Clinton 35% (R+7)

Iowa -The Urban-vs.-Rural Gap

Eastern Cities: Clinton 45%, Trump 31% (D+14)

East Central: Clinton 47%, Trump 33% (D+14)

Des Moines Area: Clinton 44%, Trump 30% (D+14)

Central: Trump 46%, Clinton 34% (R+12)

West: Trump 51%, Clinton 31% (R+20)

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