Kissing could be costly in Guanajuato


Public kissing in Guanajuato could cost you $110 (1500 Mexican pesos) or 36 hours in prison. This was a norm determined by this Mexican city, which according to it, those who kiss in public, who are beggars, use profanity in public, sell items on the streets and those who manifest will also be punished. In addition, tourist promoters who get close to motorists, those who do not use pedestrian bridges and windshield wipers will also receive their punishment.

There are numerous critics of this disposition, but the mayor of the capital of the state of Guanajuato, Eduardo Romero Hicks, assures that these actions are made to help maintain the city’s good image and good public customs.

But the moralistic mayor confirms that there are limits.  For example, couples who kiss intensely in public will be fined; meanwhile those who give a few pecks might not be punished at all.

On his part, community representative Marco Antonio Figueroa explains that the prohibition of public kissing also has other objectives: prevent high school girls from getting pregnant, since, naturally, a sexual relation, almost always begins with an innocent kiss.


As with any other reform this too has its opposers, and many who are against this peculiar municipal norm assert that this is simply, a regulation that violates the countries constitution and that this will lead to abuse and repression by the police.

There are also those that believe that this reform should be abolished, since it seems like something taken out of the Saint Inquisition.

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