Kim Guerra will keynote the 2019 DREAM Iowa Youth Leadership Summit


Throughout the centuries people used arts to communicate, to inspire, to support and to share their thoughts and beliefs. It is customary to believe of immigrants as workers and business owners, but there are many artists among immigrants as well. Whether it is first, second or third generation immigrants, many immigrants use art to share themselves and their experiences with their audiences.  Kim Guerra is a second-generation immigrant artist who uses her artistic abilities to empower women and to shine a light on social injustice issues that matter to her. ANd on March 24 she will share her experiences at the 2019 DREAM Iowa Youth Leadership Summit at Grand View University in Des Moines, IA.

Kim Guerra is Mexican American artist, writer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. She is the creator of Brown Badass Bonita brand and movement.

“I was born in and raised in Los Angeles, CA. My family moved back and forth to LA and Guadalajara, Mexico,” Kim Guerra shared a little about herself.

Growing up in LA Ms. Guerra attended North Hollywood High School and Cornell University, where she majored in Human Development.

“I was the first in my family to graduate,” Ms. Guerra said with great pride.

She explained that art has always played huge role in her life. There was always dancing and music. In fact, Ms. Guerra plays alto sax. Drawing, painting photography and writing are also important to her.

“I feel like art and fashion chose me,” Ms. Guerra explained. “It is a way that transcends words and languages. It evokes emotions and makes statements.”

In order to make those statements heard Kim Guerra started a movement, she considers it to be revolutionary. This movement to empower love for oneself and love for Latino community was born out of her feeling of loneliness, need to feel bigger part of the community and immense desire to learn to love herself. The shirts she designs are not just pieces of clothing, they are meant to be “statement and shield.”


“I created a shirt for myself it said “BROWN BADASS BONITA” with a bougainvillea background. I thought about how those were three words I needed to use as a shield and reminder. I posted it on IG and it took off,” Kim Guerra told us about how this movement and her brand came into existence.

Ms. Guerra wishes that people who buy her apparel would feel as if they were part of this revolutionary movement when they wear it.


“My movement is about empowering Latinx and minorities to empower themselves and love themselves in a revolutionary, countercultural way,” Kim Guerra explained. “I wish to continue to collaborate with communities to create art and bring awareness to social justice issues such as immigration and equal rights. My biggest goal is to continue to empower mujeres to love themselves enough to believe they are a revolution and powerful enough to change this world.”


Besides her empowering clothing brand, Mr. Guerra also quite a poet. She released her poetry book called “Mariposa” that is available for purchase at her shop and Amazon.

In March this successful artist is leaving sunny LA and coming to chilly Des Moines, IA for the 2019 Youth Leadership Summit hosted by DREAM Iowa that will be on March 24. Ms. Guerra shared that she was very excited to be part of this event where she plans to share her story and encourage participants to love themselves and reach for their dreams.

“I plan to speak of my experience as a first-generation child of immigrants, college experience, business owner, and graduate student. I will speak about how a huge part of success for Latinx and first-generation students is loving ourselves and unlearning internalized oppression,” Kim Guerra gave a peek into her speech for the 2019 Youth Leadership Summit in Iowa.

Arts is not only a way to enjoy the beauty, but also it is a way artist communicates with the world. Kim Guerra a Mexican American artist and writer uses her art and fashion to empower, encourage and to invite people to learn to love themselves. Look for her apparel at She will be the keynote speaker at the 2019 DREAM Iowa Youth Leadership Summit at Grand View University Student Center located at 2811 E 14th St, Des Moines, IA on March 24 from noon-5pm. For more information contact Monica Reyes at 641-229-1419

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