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We’re Family Owned and Operated


Everything started with Frank P. “Perk” Tyler, who began an ice cream and ice business in Villisca, Iowa around 1905. In 1909 he sold the business to his sons Royal, Harry and Henry Tyler who, in 1915, expanded by producing soda named “Tyler’s Flavors.”  

    Sales were so strong that the brothers acquired a creamery in Clarinda, Iowa. In the creamery’s safe they found a franchise contract for Coca-Cola. The Tyler’s had heard of this product and its success elsewhere, but at the time, Iowans weren’t familiar with it.

   The Tyler’s began making Coca-Cola, adding a few bottles to the cases of Tyler’s Flavors. In no time, Iowans were requesting more Coke (because it was so delicious!).


  Fast forward 100 years… in September 2016, Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company announced that it closed a transaction with The Coca-Cola Company for expanded territory distribution rights.


Here We Are, Today


Wow, what a crazy ride it has been. We cannot thank our employees, customers and partners enough for the growth and success we have had.  

   We produce and distribute Coca-Cola products for almost all of Iowa, parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri. We have 9 different branches throughout Iowa with headquarters in Atlantic, Iowa.

    In a nutshell, or Coke Can, that’s who we are. We strive to create new customer relationships and strengthen the ones we have every day. Our partners and customers can count on us to support the communities in which we have the privilege to serve.


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