Immigration Reform Now march is set for May 1 in Des Moines

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Immigration is not a political issue; it is a humanitarian problem, that is the motto that Latinx Immigrants of Iowa along with other organizations are using as they organize the March for Immigration Reform Now set for May 1, 2021 at the Iowa Capitol.  

President Joe Biden’s administration has introduced the Immigration Reform Proposal in February of this year. Among other things the proposal from the current administration will allow a pathway for citizenship for DACA recipients and those who are part of the TPS program and it emphasizes family-based immigration reforms (If you are interested to learn more about this proposal please click here. Both Democrats and Republicans have offered their versions of Immigration reform as well. As of now The House has voted on the Bill and sent it to the Senate. The Senate has not taken any action on the issue yet.  

To show support for the Immigration Reform bill Latinx Immigrants of Iowa, a nonprofit organization operating from Des Moines, Iowa, is organizing the March for the Immigration Reform Now on May 1, 2021 and it is joined by other prominent organizations such as LUNA Latinas Unidas por un Nuevo amanecer, Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Iowa CASA Coalition Against Sexual Assault, LULAC Council 307, Prairielands Freedom Fund, CCI Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and MMJ Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice.


Jose Alvarado, director of the Latinx Immigrants of Iowa.

“Immigration Reform now is not a political issue, but rather a humanitarian one,” Jose Alvarado, director of the Latinx Immigrants of Iowa, stated. “This event on May 1 of 2021 is looking to create a fraternal union of the whole immigrant community documented or not and to make ties with our allies. We hope that the President, Vice President, Senators and Congress people can come to an agreement and there will be a way to reach a pathway to the legalization of those who chose this country as their new home risking everything else in their lives.”  

Organizers are hoping to show the importance of an immigration reform with this March.  


“The purpose of the March for May 1 is to draw attention to the importance of the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Joe Henry, President of LULAC Council 307, said. “To really push HR 6 which is in Congress right now, which will provide legal status to most if not all undocumented immigrants. There are several bills right now in Congress that need to be pushed to the forefront that has been proposed in the House and are now going to the Senate. We need to let our elective Representative know on a local level, state level and national level that we are serious , we have 11 million people here from our community and immigrant community who have built this country. Immigration has always fueled the prosperity of this country and should not be forgotten.” he added. 


According to Henry, similar Marches will happen around the country as well. The March for Immigration Reform Now will start at 11:00 AM on May 1 at East 15ht and Grand Ave at La Placita. The participants will march to the Capitol. At the Capitol at around 12:00 PM there will be a rally and short speeches that would draw attention to the importance of immigration reform. Everyone interested in being part of this March for Immigration Reform  is invited to participate.  

Joe Henry, President of LULAC Council 307

“We need everybody who is concerned not only Latinos and the immigrant community but we need anyone who is concerned about the need for comprehensive immigration reform to participate, to come to the Capitol on May 1 to join us on the March at 11:00 o’clock on East 15th and Grand and march to the Capitol and of course to be here by the Capitol at noon,” Mr. Henry invited the community to be part of this March.  

Along with supporters and organizers, representatives of Hola Iowa and other local media in Spanish will be present at this event. This event is also supported by many local businesses.  


March for Immigration Reform Now will be on May 1, 2021 at 11:00 AM. It will start on East 15th and Grand Avenue in Des Moines. The participants will march to the Capitol of Iowa. The Iowa Capitol is located at 1007 E Grand Ave in Des Moines, IA.  

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