Undocumented students, many of whom qualify for the deferred action program Trump plans to eliminate, are coming out of the shadows as undocumented, unafraid and resilient in the face of uncertainty. They are calling on all students to join them in the fight for permanent protection, dignity and respect for the immigrant community.

Inspired by the high school demonstrations last week, young people are across the country are walking out to say they will do whatever it takes to stop Trump and his immigration enforcement machine, and they are calling on their schools and universities to make the same commitment. “Our colleges and universities, have a moral responsibility to ensure that all students and campus workers regardless of immigration status feel safe and protected in their campuses,” says Carlos Rojas Rodriguez, an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha. “We are asking our administrations what side they are on; that is what #SanctuaryCampus is all about.”

“It is not just about what happens on our campus. We want to show the entire United States that we will not let Trump normalize deportations and hate crimes against our communities,” said Maria Alcivar-Zuniga, a graduate student at Iowa State University. “If educational institutions are talking about safety and inclusion policies, this needs to be top on their list of priorities. DACAmented students are a unprecedented risk.”

At a moment in time when there is much reason for fear and despair, these walkouts and sit ins are an expression of hope; hope that schools and universities will commit themselves to sanctuary; hope that people will rise up in the face of deportations; hope that the American public will see and recognize the country depends on immigrants.


What: Campus walk out calling for #SanctuaryCampus

Where:Iowa State University, Enrollment Services Building

When: Wednesday, November 16



Walkout organized by LUCHA, Ricardo Corona, and Itzel Zuniga with the support of Movimiento Cosecha (Harvest Movement)

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