Illinois House Approves Driving Certificates


On Wednesday, March 28 the Illinois House voted to give driving certificates to persons without a social security number in a very close vote of 60-56. The bill does not grant drivers licenses but rather a certificate that allows those who might be in the process of getting a social security number a chance to drive legally.  In Iowa a similar
proposal has been sent to a committee.
HB 1100, The Roadway Safety Act would allow thousand of immigrants across the state to drive safely, legally, and with insurance. As a result of the bill, Quad City community leaders urged voters to make phone calls to the area’s Ill. state representatives Mike Boland and Pat Vershoore.
The Democrat Pat Vershoore of the 72nd district said that he personally does not have a problem with the bill but that his constituents’ mail and emails were 25-1 against HB 1100.
“That’s why I voted that way,” Vershoore said. “I vote with my constituents and that’s why I voted against it.”
On the bill itself, Vershoore said that he had a little problem with it. “I have a problem giving someone driving privileges when they are here illegally, I would have problems with it.” Vershoore said.
Like Vershoore, 71st District Democratic Rep. Mike Boland voted against HB1100 to the surprise of some Black Hawk College students who voted for him.
According to BHC student and East Moline resident Rey Grijalva, when Mike Boland was campaigning door to door, Boland knocked at his door and said, “My opponent doesn’t like Mexicans so you should vote for me,” Grijalva said that Boland told him. To him that implied that Boland was for Mexicans and immigrants.
“He was looking for my vote rather than my concerns,” Grijalva said.
Mike Boland did not return phone calls. Mike Boland’s office said that they do not keep track of phone calls, letters, or faxes. The office said that they send the messages to the representative daily and the new day brings new calls, letters, and faxes.
Even without local support, the bill now moves on to the state senate. Senator Mike Jacobs D-Ill. represents the Quad City area and can be reached at (309) 797-0001 in Moline or (217) 782-5957 at the state capitol in Springfield.
If the bill passes the state senate, Gov. Rod Blogojevich has said that he will sign the bill into law.

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