If you are ready to be a homeowner then Marlen Maddux can help you make it a reality


A home to make your own. A place where you will raise your family. The perfect house where you will grow old with your significant other. Everyone looks for their own slice of heaven in that perfect house. Once the dream stage passes the reality sets in and that’s when you realize that you probably will need help to get that perfect home you saw on that perfect street in a town you live in. If you are ready to be a homeowner consider talking to Marlen Maddux, a loan officer with Frontier Mortgage.

Marlen Maddux, originally from Honduras, has been working with mortgages for the past three years.

“I started in the business of home buying as a realtor four years ago and have been working with mortgages for the last three years,” Ms. Maddux shared what in her view makes her a great loan officer.  “My experience as a realtor has provided a unique perspective on the entirety of the home buying process which I believe makes me better able to serve my clients.”


Her experience is not the only thing that makes her a good loan officer. She is also someone who spends time getting to know her clients in order to serve them better because as someone who came to Des Moines with nothing to her name, she understands how amazing it is to finally achieve the dream of owning a home.

“I personally love getting to know new people and I believe that dreams can come true. As a loan officer, I can help people fulfill the dream of homeownership and celebrate with them,” Marlen Maddux explained.  “When I first arrived in Des Moines 20 years ago with nothing, I looked out the window of the Greyhound at the capitol building and told myself I would build a future here for myself and my two daughters. With a lot of hard work and the support of the wonderful people of this state, I have done just that. Now I am motivated to help others do the same.”

As loan office for Frontier Mortgage Ms. Maddux spends her work hours meeting with clients and helping them to get the application going. If a client has chosen the home, Ms. Maddux will work closely with the realtor making it easier for future homeowners to go through the process of home purchasing.

“We offer a diverse range of mortgage options for people spanning a range of life situations. We pride ourselves on often being able to put together loan options for people who have been declined at other lenders,” Ms. Maddux explained the options that Frontier Mortgage offers to the clients. “Our approach is very welcoming and personal. We want everyone who walks in our door to feel like a friend and neighbor rather than entering some large institution. Our programs and rates are tailored to the individual — the best way to find out what we can offer is to stop in and let me work through an application with you!”


Those that are interested in taking out a loan with a down payment should consider doing it now.

“Tax return season is a great time to stop by for a visit. Once you know how much your tax return is, we can put together some options for you,” Marlen Maddux extended an invitation to everyone who is considering putting their tax return towards their dream home.


Once you decided to apply for a loan with Frontier Mortgage you can call and make an appointment with Marlen Maddux. She explained that every application is different, but the documents that they usually require stay the same. First, they will ask for tax filings from the last two years, recent pay stubs going back 30 days and recent bank statements going back 60 days. For those applying for ITIN loans Marlen can also help you or refer you with a trusted lending institution. These are the documents that will help the loan officer to start the process and once they get the ball rolling, they will notify the client what, if any, additional documents they will need to see.

“The start of the process is someone dreaming about a new home and stopping in to see me!” the loan officer Marlen Maddux stated.  “A client does not need to have a house chosen or even a decision on whether to buy or not. I will work with the client to help them understand what the process involves and provide the information for them to make an informed decision on whether to buy and what their budget should be.”

If you are ready for that place to call your own, the dream a home where your family will thrive and live happily, consider contacting Marlen Maddux, the loan officer who will make sure you will get your dream house and will be there for you every step of the way through the process of home buying.

For appointments and more information please, call Marlen Maddux at (515) 865-0245. You can also send her an email to [email protected] Ms. Maddux speaks Spanish and English.

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