Holiday commercial has viewers in tears

Photo from Kroger Holiday Ad

An ad that has become popular on social media has left people feeling very emotional. The ad was published by Kroger for the holiday season. As we know the holiday season, is a season for family and loved ones. During holidays, we bring our family together for magical traditions and this commercial had that as a focus. 

The commercial shows a couple that by destiny is given a flyer about a Student Exchange Program which they then decide to be a part of. Their first exchange student is a girl, her name is Valentina and she comes from Mexico. Her host mom sees her looking at a picture of her family back in her country and decides to make her feel at home by preparing a Pozole for her. They take pictures and share memories along the way, then it’s time for her to go back to her home country. 

As they realize how much they will miss her, they decide to continue being host parents for students from other countries including Japan, Denmark, Italy, and their fridge eventually becomes filled with photographs of students from all over the world. The host mom grabs a photograph of Valentina and feels emotional after seeing it. The host dad takes the initiative and during a holiday day decides to bring all of the exchange students who have been part of this family. 


The ad ends with a meaningful quote “Food connects us all” as they eat together in the table like a family. The Kroger Company “is an American retail company that operates supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States.”

This commercial has had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from social media users. I think this is given to the fact that holidays are a time for our families to get together, make memories, share traditions, and enjoy our culture. 

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