Hero Street U.S.A. book wins another award




LAS VEGAS – The International Latino Book Awards has, for the third time, honored a book about Hero Street U.S.A. in Silvis, Ill.

Moira Bailey was honored with a second place for her translation of Hero Street U.S.A. from English to Spanish. The award was announced Saturday, June 28, at an awards ceremony held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the American Library Association’s annual convention.

“The nation’s librarians are committed to helping improve diversity in reading, so these awards should help us spread the word throughout the country,” said Kirk Whistler, director of Latino Literacy Now, organizer of the book awards.


The same organization honored Hero Street U.S.A., authored by former AP newsman Marc Wilson, as the best history/political book in 2010.

The Spanish-language version of the same book was honored with a first place in 2013 by the International Latino Book Awards.

Ms. Bailey, a resident of Mexico City, translated the book, which was published in Mexico by the University of Guanajuato. The English-language version was published by the University of Oklahoma Press.


The book tells the story of eight Mexican-American men from one street who were killed in action in World War II and in the Korean War.

The eight heroes are Tony Pompa, who was killed when his bomber was shot down over Italy; Frank Pompa, who was killed in battle while building the Burma Road; Willie Sandoval, who died trying to reach the “bridge too far” in Belgium; Claro Solis, who was killed during the Battle of the Bulge; Peter Masias, who was killed parachuting into Germany; Joseph Sandoval, who was killed in the last days of World War II in Europe; Joe Gomez, who died in a firefight in Korea; and Johnny Muños, who was killed in Korea when his foxhole was bombed. Heroes Frank and Joe Sandoval are brothers.


Pictured Marc Wilson, Auhtor of Hero Street U.S.A.

Photo by Gary Krambeck Courtesy of The Dispatch


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