Great Career Opportunities in Sterling, IL


Unlike popular belief not all jobs are being send overseas. There are plenty of options available here in Quad Cities and its surroundings. If you are looking for a job with an opportunity to grow and advance consider working for Wal mart Distribution Center in Sterling, IL.

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Walmart DC in Sterling is a Grocery Distribution Center that distributes products in an area that includes 4 states. According to Julian Ramirez, general manager of Walmart DC in Sterling, this distribution center works 24 hour a day, 7 days a week processing orders from the stores like Sam’s Clubs and Supercenters.
“We have receiving, warehousing, order filling and shipping operations,” Ramirez explained.
walmart dc 2Inside warehouse there are two sides, one side operates with an ambient temperature and the other is dedicated to perishable items, including frozen foods, therefore the temperature there can vary between 57 degrees to -20 degrees.
“We offer great opportunity for people in many different ways,” Ramirez said. “Positions include receiving, reach truck drivers, ordefillers, loader and maintenance position.”
He added that the starting wage is $16.10 and there is “a progression that new associates enjoy in their first 30 month period.”
As for benefits Walmart DC offers many benefit options, including access to health care and dental, short term disability and better options, opportunities for job transfers within or outside of facility in Sterling and many different discounts in Walmart and other partner organizations. Also, one can opt for tow work from Tuesday to Friday or over weekend that is from Saturday to Monday. According to Ramirez, the fact of having a work schedule of 3 to 4 days offers great flexibility to employees and there are often overtime available for all the associates looking to make a little extra money. Also, due to volume fluctuations, workdays may have different workload every day.
If you feel this could be a great job opportunity for you, please, visit to apply online. In order to see all the job positions available in Walmart DC in Sterling, please, make sure to type Sterling, IL under locations. You can apply for more than one job available, just make sure to apply for each job requisition number.
“One of the biggest benefits of working for Walmart is having the opportunity to grow and develop this opportunity into a career. In the Sterling DC, 85% of the leadership team started out as hourly associates. The opportunity to become a manager and lead a team of associates is possible when you work with an organization like Walmart,” Julian Ramirez told.
Consider getting a job at Walmart DC in Sterling. The location of Walmart DC is 23769 Matthew RD, Sterling, IL.

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