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January 3, 2015 was not only one of the happiest days of my life but it was also a day I was so close to losing my life!! After a completely normal and healthy pregnancy I gave birth to my baby girl on this day. Life was perfect for that moment. After 30 minutes of watching a very nervous doctor, she finally gave me the news of what was going to change my life FOREVER… I was diagnosed with Accreta.

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This is where the placenta will not detach from your body and it actually starts growing into other organs. She gave me the details and what had to be done, with the possibility of losing my life. So there I was looking at my precious new gift knowing it could be my first and last time seeing her. From the beginning of my pregnancy I prayed, “Jesus, please, if anything happens let it happen to me and not my girl, heal me and prepare my body, make me strong for whatever is to come. “I prayed this daily not knowing what was going to happen. I kissed my princess and my husband but we didn’t say goodbye just I love you and I headed back to surgery. A 20 minute surgery turned into a 2-3 hour surgery. They had 3 specialists working on me and I was losing blood, 5 units to be exact, and my husband was clueless this whole time, they wouldn’t give him any answers all he could do was wait. God sure had his hands wrapped around us. My doctor said that it’s very rare that both mother and child survive especially since we were undiagnosed. But here we are, both of us breathing.
So I’m sharing my story with you today, not for pity, or “I’m sorries,” but for support. Support and help in doing what I NEVER DID but what others have done for mothers like me and that is to DONATE BLOOD.

Thank you, Gabriela Harris


Hope for Accreta Blood Drive

Saturday September 3, 2016 8am-Noon

VFW Moline
1721 7th St. Moline, IL 61265

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