Google Celebrates a well known mexican artist Pedro Linares López for papier-mâché.


If there is one thing everyone encounters it is Google’s homepage, google doodles have been recognized to change a lot especially for special occasions.


Today Google celebrates Pedro Linares López birthday with a doodle that is colorful and centered around the work of Lopez. 

Lopez has been honored with the Mexican National Prize in Arts and Sciences in the 1990. 


Lopez was born in Mexico City, Mexico on June 29th 1906. Lopez’s father was also a papier-mâché Sculptor himself.

It wasn’t until one day Lopez got very sick; the sickness had moved into a fever dream where he saw fantastical & mythical creatures. When Lopez started to feel better he would bring the creatures to life through papier-mâché. Lopez found inspiration from his fever dream and made sculptures, called Alebrijes, that would look like Insects, mammals, and even birds. 


With Lopez being an Icon in Mexico, he shows how powerful the imagination can be.

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