It strikes people unexpectedly. No one is immune to cancer. It also drains people emotionally, physically and more often than not financially. Juan Vasquez, a barber in a The New Style Barber shop, might have never expected this disease to attack his body, but unfortunately, it did. Twice.

In order to help his good friend, Miguel Rosas, owner of The New Style Barber Shop, decided to help Juan Vasquez the best way he knew. Mr. Rosas set up a go fund me page to help Mr. Vasquez to pay his medical bills. The goal is to raise $10.000 for chemotherapy treatments. Mr. Rosas explains that due to severe and debilitating side effects of these treatments his good friend and employee might be struggling to do his job as a barber. That is why Mr. Rosas created this fundraiser. By now they are getting close to reaching their goal and they ask community members to help because every dollar counts when horrible illness like cancer strikes.

“Juan Vasquez lived in the Floreciente for many years and attended Ericsson Elementary. He is still active in the community and has worked at the New Style Barber Shop in the Floreciente for over 10 years. He is fighting his battle with Cancer for the 2nd time and this time he needs our support” said a post in the Welcome to Floreciente Facebook page.

“I hope that you can take a moment and consider donating to this cause. Today it is him, tomorrow it can be us we just never know. God bless” said Christina Flores Lara on her FB page.


Juan’s family and friends are having a fundraiser for him on Sunday March 3 from 1-5pm at Christ Church 1717 8th Avenue in Moline, IL. There will be a large assortment of Mexican food for sale, a silent auction and a cake walk.

Please, help Mr. Vasquez beat cancer by helping him to take care of his medical bills for chemo therapy. Cancer is formidable opponent, but it can be defeated. Go and look for Fight for Juan V.

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