Firecracker Run celebrate their 35th Anniversary


35 years ago the first Firecracker Run took place. Since then the race has turned into a family tradition for many in the Quad City community. The Genesis Firecracker Run is more than just a race; this is a community celebration of America’s Birthday.

This year the Firecracker Run, one of the largest races in the Quad Cities, will offer more reasons for celebration. In addition to the traditional firefighter’s pancake breakfast, that this year will benefit MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association), the kiddie run, the hospital bed race, Guns ‘N’Hoses, a race for area police and firefighters departments and even a post race party,  the participants of the race will also receive Finishers Medallions, a soft tech tee shirt, special edition backpack and as Joe Moreno, who has been the director of the Firecracker Run for almost 25 years,  put it, “a great running experience with a dozen entertainers (bands and DJs) out on the course, 6 water stations and lots of support from spectators.”

“And the big thing is the most tangible asset, the beautiful stage being built as we speak for all the future Genesis Firecracker Runs, community events and festivals,” Mr. Moreno added.   


Firecracker 2Thanks to the amazing leadership of Joe Moreno, the landscaped public space with a stage will be located on 15th Ave and 8th Street in East Moline. Triumph Bank donated the parking lot for this public space. Since this parking lot has always been a center place where the celebration during the Firecracker Run takes place, Mr. Moreno wanted to fix the place to make it more beautiful and inviting for everyone in the community. Moreno believes that this space will be a center for the many great things that take place in downtown East Moline. Moreno’s wise leadership and desire to make East Moline more beautiful for everyone in the community is bearing fruits and it is partly paid for by proceeds from the races and spectators at the Firecracker Run.

The Genesis Firecracker Run is only one of the races that happen every summer in the Quad Cities. This year the runners who enjoy participating in various races can take the Quad City Challenge. As it turns out the Firecracker Run celebrates its 35th year, Freedom Run will celebrate its 5th year and the QC Marathon is going on its 20th year.

“For the fourth year in a row we are offering everyone that participates in all three races I direct a special commemorative gold coaster for participating in the QC Challenge,” Mr. Moreno said.


Participants will not pay any addition fee for the challenge. The runners that finish the Quad City Challenge will receive their Challenge Coaster during the Quad Cities Marathon Expo.

The Annual Genesis Firecracker Run is a great way to start the celebration of Independence Day with family and friends. Come out early and enjoy the fun and check out the new public space at the stage area.


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