Escucha Mi Voz Iowa members invited to address International Relations Committee of state lawmakers

Photo by Escucha Mi Voz Iowa

Immigrant and refugee workers will brief state legislators this Monday, February 12, at 11am in Iowa state capitol Room 116 

Iowa City, IA – Immigrant and refugee members of Escucha Mi Voz Iowa will travel to Des Moines on Mon, Feb 12 to address a legislative council of state representatives and senators at 11am in Room 116 of the Iowa State Capitol [livestream link]. 

The grassroots group will rally outside room 116 immediately following the committee briefing to answer press questions. 


The International Relations Committee is a Legislative Council committee that includes state legislators from both chambers and parties. The charge of the committee is to facilitate international cooperation, trade, and communication by hosting interpersonal interactions between foreign visitors and state legislators.

Mon, Feb 12 is the first day of “funnel week” when legislative proposals must pass out of committee in at least one chamber in order to move forward to becoming law. Four anti-immigrant bills are among those currently being considered.


House File 2128 would require Iowa residents to provide proof of citizenship in order to receive in-state tuition. The change could triple tuition costs for permanent residents who attend Iowa’s state universities and community colleges, from about $9,000 per year to nearly $30,000 per year.

House File 2112 would make it a felony to help undocumented immigrants. Nurses, social workers, and advocates say the bill could criminalize transporting vulnerable families to check-ins and appointments.

Senate File 108 / House Study Bill 105 would sabotage essential workers and employers by requiring Iowa businesses to use the federal E-verify program to block employment of undocumented immigrants. Iowa’s business lobby, agribusiness association, master builders association, hotel and restaurant associations, and chambers of commerce are registered against the bills.

Senate File 2211 aims to criminalize the presence of a person in the state who has been previously deported or removed from the U.S. 


Escucha Mi Voz Iowa is a faith-based, member-led, immigrant rights organization and worker justice center in Iowa City, Iowa.

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