Young Professional Latina Speaks to Rocky’s Latinos Unidos


Latinos Unidos at Rock Island High School met on Thursday, April 12 after school to listen to a professional young Latina who at the young age of 19 is now an insurance agent.  Violeta Marquez-Camargo can relate to the group – which is made up of mostly Latinas – because it was not long ago that she was still in high school
trying to figure out what path to take in life.  She said that when she attended United Township High School she would try to hang out with her cousins whom she is very close with, and how she stayed away from the bad influences of gangs.  She also talked about the struggles she faced when she first came to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico and how she had to learn English.
Violeta explained about how she got started working in the insurance industry when she was in high school and began working part-time at Maynard M. Ellison Agency where she was eventually offered the opportunity to work full time.  Afterwards she answered the students’ questions that ranged from the type of insurance that she sells and what her goals are in the future.

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