Remembering Cesar Chavez


Very few people can say they have met someone legendary in their lifetime. Eva Savala is one of this few. Years ago Savala got a chance to meet and work besides two legendary people who helped to bring improvements to American labor unions and advancement to the civil rights movement.

At that time Eva Savala was working as a United Auto Workers International representative. It was at one of the national conventions for Labor Council for Latin American Advancement where Savala met Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.

“We worked on the board together. He was very nice. He was a strong man, but also gentle and soft spoken,” Eva Savala shares her memories of Cesar Chavez.


Eva Savala told us that during those times United Farm Workers were struggling and other unions were there to try to help them with this difficult task. Eva Savala was not just some face in the audience, but she sat next to Cesar Chavez.

Eva Savala also had a chance to converse and work with Dolores Huerta. She remembers that Dolores Huerta used to be a teacher before she joined Cesar Chavez in the fight for workers’ rights. There were times during different conventions all over the country when Eva Savala would share a hotel room with Dolores Huerta.

“I felt we had a lot in common when we met,” Savala shares, “she was a strong woman. She never held back.”


Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were not just simple activists and organizers, thanks to their hard work American labor unions were able to enjoy changes for the better. It is a great honor to be able to say that one had a chance to meet these people in person and share with them their personal views and concerns. Eva Savala received that chance and she was happy to share her wonderful memories with us.

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