No Longer Delay For Appointments For Passports and ID’s


• Those interested can receive their appointments the same week they call.
• It is recommended to obtain passports and ID’s before the December vacation period.
• Obtaining the mentioned above will avoid setbacks at the end of the year.

The General Consulate of Mexico would like to inform that the delay for receiving an appointment to obtain a passport or consulate ID has been reduced to the minimum.  This means that, like its been informed, since 2007 the Consulate has been restructuring the documentation services, which has had a positive impact on the efficiency and the best attention of the public.  Additionally, in 2008 the presidential decision to channel more resources to strengthen these services, has been made, which in Chicago’s case means, including other services, to establish a second mobile consulate that will operate as of May, offer services on Saturdays in this city as of this past April and to incorporate new technology to speed up the process.

The waiting period has decreased in a timely manner, from waiting 3 months at different points in 2007 and 2008 to currently waiting less than a week, in some cases even receiving appointments and obtaining documentation that same day.

The General Consulate invites the Mexican community to make their appointments as soon as possible by calling MEXITEL (1-877-639-4835) to obtain or renew your passport or ID and avoid the demand for this service to increase and accumulate, affecting the waiting period for an appointment.  The increase of this demand is foreseeable at the end of the year, a time in which many Mexican natives decide to travel to Mexico.


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