Life Of Service…


When giving turns into a form of existence

Pastor Felipe Cantú was born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, México. He came to United States when he had 18 years old full of dreams and illusions. 41 years had passed since that day.

Felipe Cantú dedicated great part of his life to pastoral service and with his family he took lead of one very solid Christian congregation. In addition, he is an excellent guide to many Hispanics who come to him looking for advice and spiritual guidance, but above all looking for someone who listens and understands.

After outstanding 25 years of service Felipe Cantú leaves his position as a pastor of Templo Alabanza of Menonita congregation, Moline, Illinois.


There are numerous memories that pastor Cantú keeps. But this grey haired man still has a lot of wonderful projects and goals he wishes to bring to life.

Even though pastor Cantu retired form his position as pastor of Templo Alabanza, he will never stop being a great pastor. He will dedicate himself completely to his work as chaplain at Tyson, where he will be spiritual guide to thousand of workers.

“I give them advice, I give them orientation, I help them to choose the best for their lives,” pastor Cantú said.  He does not help only men and women of Hispanic origin but also everyone who looks for help.


Among employees of Tyson there are a lot of people from Africa, Asia and of course United States. Pastor Cantú said, “Not long ago 150 Asian workers came from Birmania, now Myanmar, and most of these workers a Muslims but if they look for my help, I will be there for them.”

Pastor Cantú is bilingual and this gives him a chance to help all workers of Tyson locate din Joslin, Illinois. Race, nationality and religious beliefs do not stop pastor Cantú from his work.


Pastor Cantú might have left his position as a pastor of Templo Alabanza, but he did not leave his passion to help people. He is always there to help and above all to listen to those people who are very far from their country and their families. No one can be a better listener for those people then pastor Cantú who is there not only to listen when memories invade, but also to understand and give a shoulder to cry.

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