Latino Mall Business Caters to Latinos


Elkin Murcia had always thought about opening his own business and really wanted to open up a store at South Park Mall in Moline with the idea of featuring something different for mall shoppers.  The store was named Jewelz and Scentz and is located right next to the food court and the FYE records at South Park Mall in Moline.As one of the few Latino owners, Murcia said that it feels weird.“That is another reason that motivated me to have this business at South Park,” Murcia said. “It would be good if other people tried to open their own businesses here
also, something like going out of the normal routine from the regular store in the same zones.”The store offers a large variety of silver jewelry, perfumes, colognes, watches, sunglasses, and small accessories for women, men, and kids. The business also offers personalized service of special requests if the merchandise is part of the product line and in their inventory.Murcia said that the language barrier and the cultural crash when he came to this country from Colombia is something that he’ll never forget.
“What is definitely hard is deciding to stay and establish a new life,” Murcia said. “In a place far away from family, friends, and people I’ve known my whole life.”
Elkin Murcia thanks his family, friends, professors, people that he works with and others around him because in one way or another they have provided large amounts of support to him in one way or another; not only to make this project a reality but his aspirations in general.
Murcia sees the store as being owned by the community.
“I don’t consider Jewelz and Scentz as my property,” Murcia said, “I think that a business is the clients, the people that work there, and everyone else in a way supports it keeping it active and making it better everyday. Therefore it would be selfish [for me] to be the only owner of this business.”
“What I can express is that there’s a sensation that exists of having contributed to the progress of the economy which benefits in a way certain individuals and the community.” Murcia said.

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