Latin American Social Club Elects New Officers


sterlingInside the Latin American Social Club building just in Sterling, Ill., members of the club, officers and their families and friends gathered for the appointment of new officers for the LASC.  The ceremony began with welcoming remarks and speeches from organizations that have worked with the club.  Then there was a blessing, and after that the crowd of over 100 people filled their plates from a large array of dishes that covered three large tables.  After the feast, Club President Frank Aguilar followed the tradition and read the oath as the officers standing in front of him with their right hands up repeated after him, and just like that a total of thirteen new positions
were appointed.  Mr. Aguilar also announced the heads of some of the committees and told everyone of the creation of a historical committee that will dedicate their efforts in gathering information about the club’s origins.  The club dates back to 1950 when a small group got together to find a place for Latinos to gather and socialize.
“I saw signs that said ‘no Mexicans allowed,’” said John Carrillo of the reasons why such a club was created in the first place.
Mr. Carrillo is the son of one of the founding members and is part of the Historical Committee along with Ralph Rios who is a founding member.  Even though it was rough for the founding members, they moved forward or “adelante” as their motto says.
Ralph Rios spoke as well and talked about the club government and said “instead of more laws and bylaws, we need more character.”
Mr. Rios said how in the first laws and bylaws God was not mentioned but that now God is mentioned all throughout the bylaws.  “Without him, we can’t move adelante,” said Mr. Rios.
He told of the early days of the club when a handshake stood for your word. He also talked about how the members of the club truly care about one another and are always helping each other out.
“When we say we love you, we aren’t just chattering.  We mean that.” Rios said.

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