Just in time for the Holidays


Like in any other war, the war in Iraq brought a lot of pain, suffering and death. Because of this, there are a lot of people in the U.S. who suffer the consequences of separation or loss of someone dear. Here, we would like to present you with one of these families. Their experiences of makes us stop and think twice about the importance of love and hope, especially these days when we reunite with our families for the Holidays.

Blanca and Jesus Muñoz are a local Hispanic couple who lived through the bitter experience of separation and constant danger that the war brings.

Both were born in Mexico, Jesus from Cupareo, Guanajuato and Blanca from Acapulco, Guerrero. Both of them came to the U.S. when they were children and were married on July 24, 2006.

Jesus was sent to a military base in Clarksville, Tennessee and his new wife followed him there to start their new married life. A short time passed and they receive the news that Blanca was pregnant with their first child. The couple was almost sure that Jesus would be finishing his contract with the army by the time the baby would be born, but things did not turn out the way they hoped.

Nine months after Jesus Jr. was born, Jesus received a notice that he would be sent to Iraq for a second time. Although they were both upset about the news, Jesus felt he had the responsibility to serve this country and it was very important to him, “I have to do what they tell me to.” He said.

After some time, the pain of their separation became joy when the couple received the news that Blanca was pregnant with their second child just one week after Jesus’ departure for Iraq. Many emotions went through Blanca’s mind; She was happy, but at the same time, she was scared of going through this experience alone and of course she was worried for her husband, who was far away in the middle of uncertainty.

“I wish he was here with me so he could go with me to the doctor’s appointments and be here to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I wish he would be here with me like he was when I was pregnant with our first child. I am very happy to be pregnant again, but there are moments when I feel sad and depressed,” Blanca explained about her last pregnancy.

Since the day Jesus left for Iraq, he and Blanca constantly kept in touch with the help of Internet. He witnessed the birth of his child through webcam and with the help of this technological wonder, he was even able to follow his wife’s pregnancy. Although technology will never substitute the closeness of loved ones, it sure helps them keep in touch and keeps them from becoming victims of depression.

During these months of separation, Blanca and Jesus did not lose hope and faith of being together again. December is the month when dreams come true and in which we hope the miracle of love will occur no matter what.

Jesus returned from Iraq to spend his vacation close to his dear family. For this soldier there is no better Christmas present then to come home to a newborn baby. After being in the middle of death and suffering, little Isaias turned into that light of happiness that made everything better for Jesus. He’s happy to spend these few days with his family and above all he is grateful to be able to hold his new baby in his arms. For him to hold this little bundle of joy is like a renewal of his energy in which he gets more strength to move on.

This young couple keeps their love and faith burning strong, even though they have to accept the fact that in a short time Jesus will have to return to his duty as a soldier in Iraq.

Blanca will stay here in the Quad Cities with her two boys waiting for the day when her family will be reunited again.

During these festive days we can all take a look at this family and realize that love can break the frontiers of time and distance. We should always remember that faith and hope are forces that make our lives worthwhile.

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