Julián Castro launches podcast “Our America with Julián Castro”

Julián Castro talking with Erika Macias in one of his visits to Iowa earlier this year. Photo by Tar Macias / Hola America

Julián Castro launched today his personal Podcast titled “Our America with JuliánCastro”

Julián Castro reimagines America in conversation with real people all over the country who are struggling, aspiring, and trying to reach their dreams. Drawing on his own experiences — growing up in a low-income household, becoming Mayor of San Antonio, leading Housing and Urban Development for President Obama, and running for President himself.

Listen to Our America now.


“It’s a very personal project that begins with my own family’s story (as told with my mother Rosie and brother Joaquin), then explores how we can extend the opportunities we’ve had to more families.” 

“Throughout the series, I hope to put a spotlight on vulnerable communities, and invite local organizers, cultural icons, and everyday people to discuss solutions for issues like poverty, hunger, housing insecurity, and discrimination.” 

“I’m excited to share this journey with you” Castro added. 


These are important conversations, but also hopeful ones. You can hear Our America and subscribe here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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