How to save during the Holidays


Economic crisis is hurting almost everyone in the country. Many businesses are closing their doors and many people do not have extra money for Christmas presents. In these circumstances we need to find the way to spend less possible and of course to save a little.

Christmas presents are just an extra spending and most of us do not have extra to spend these days. That is why we’d like to give you some ideas on how you could spend as less as possible on Christmas presents.

Many families buy presents to each family member and this is a lot of money to spend. That is why this year Christmas presents can be only for kids. This will help you to save some money.

Also, there are parents who spend a lot of money on many presents and even though they do not buy expensive things, the little quantities of money come together to be a lot. In order to save some money in this situation, parents can ask their kids to write a letter to Santa, this way parents will know exactly what the kids want and will not buy things that kids do not want or need.


If your kids are still babies or they a very small you do not need to break the bank buying Christmas presents. Small kids of a year old do not understand the concept of Christmas and presents. You can buy them not expensive little nothings and put them under the tree. Little kids enjoy more ripping the paper then getting excited about some present.

If at the end you decide to get something to your adult family members then try to look for sales and discounts. But before you even start looking for specials try to find out what would they like to receive as a present, so you would not give them something that would be left in a basement collecting dust.
Finally before you get anything in any specific store make sure this store will not go under in the year 2009. Many stores closing their doors and as a result they advertise sales with very low prices. This can hurt you if you get something that later on you would want to return. Another important thing it is not recommended to buy gift cards this year for Christmas presents. Many stores losing money and they are closing so if you buy a gift card from one of these stores you will lose your money. The store will close and the card will not get used. According to some reports these are some stores that will close in many states of the country: Pier 1, Foot Locker, Ann Taylor, Pac-Sun, Wilson Leather, Zales, Friedman Jewlers, Pep Boys  and Catherines among others.

Because of all this economic instability we have an opportunity to remember a true meaning of Christmas instead of stressing about money or not having any. There is no money for presents? No problem! There are a lot more other things that could make us happy. The most important thing is that kids and we adults understand that Christmas is not only a day of many presents but also a day when Jesus Christ the Savor was born, therefore His presence in our lives is the most important present. Merry Christmas to all readers of Hola America!


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