Happy New Lara: Bellator flyweight Alejandra Lara looks to hand Diana Avsraragova her first loss at Bellator 290 this Saturday night on CBS and YouTube.


Bellator women’s flyweight fighter, Alejandra Lara (9-6), has taken the saying, “New Year, New You,” to the next level as she has given herself a redo before facing undefeated, Diana Avsaragova (5-0) this Saturday night at Bellator 290. “I feel so great for this fight,” said Lara. “I feel like this time is perfect for me to establish myself and understand what I needed to work on. Right now, I feel like I’m in the best place I can be.”

Lara looks to break the three-fight losing streak she is currently holding and by traveling the world and eventually switching camps, feels like she has finally came into her own and may have found the secret to success at this point in her career. “I was looking for a place where I could be myself and feel comfortable and look out for my mental health,” explained Lara. “Because in my last fight, I was not in a good state of mind.”

And as Lara comes into the fight a more seasoned fighter on an unfortunate loss streak, the fact that her opponent has never experienced the bitter taste of defeat, Lara looks at that as a deficit for Sharapova. “I think that the fact she is undefeated is not so good because she doesn’t know how it feels to lose,” said Lara. “So I feel like I have nothing to lose. So right now, I feel more mature and am the one with more experience. It’s my time to show that. “


As the UFC have booked many Latino fighters for title fights in the next few months, Lara is proud to represent Bellator and her native country of Columbia and continue to be on that list of fiery and fierce Latin American fighters. “I feel so proud of being the first Columbian here and maybe the only Columbian fighting in big leagues right now,” explained Lara. “I feel so supported and just want to make all my people proud.”


A dominant win from Lara on Saturday would put her right back where she wants to be in the division A few more after that and the end of the year converstion could be a little brigher and shinier for her. “This is an opportunity I have to start again,” said Lara. “I faced all the biggest and hardest fighters in my division, but now I feel ready and I feel prepared. They made me feel like I belonged at the top and that’s what I want to show.”

Alejandra Lara and Diana Avsaragova will face each other on Saturday, Feb 4th on the preliminary portion of Bellator 290 on Bellator’s YouTube channel leading up to the main card on CBS.

Photo credit: Lucas Noonan/Bellator MMA

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