Election Season is Over! What’s next?


As we are writing this column, the elections are still a few days away, but by the time you read this, the votes should be counted and the new officials will be named. Some of us will be happy with the results, others will be disappointed that the candidates we had voted for and perhaps worked hard for, have lost. Politics and election season can be stressful. Many people have the belief that the candidate they support is the best and that candidate’s opponent is the worst! The fact is, someone wins and someone loses. They are chosen by voters, and the way it works is, the majority wins. Now it is time work with those candidates who have won and keep them accountable.

As good and responsible citizens, our participation does not start and end at the voting booth. The officials we have elected have a responsibility to us, to listen to us and to represent us. All of the newly elected officials will have websites and phone numbers available, for us, the people they represent, to contact them. They are obligated to represent everyone, not just the folks that voted for them or the folks who donated to their campaign. We all pay taxes and we all deserve to be heard and included. If they do not receive input from us, they do not know what our concerns are. If we don’t raise our voice, we won’t be heard. It is up to us to keep them accountable.

In our next column, we will have a list of contact numbers for our newly elected officials and we encourage you to stay informed and stay involved.


We are both relieved the elections will be over. Politics can be a nasty business. It can cause division in families, between friends and communities. Now is the time to accept the results and work with each other. Working together and with our newly elected officials, we make our community a better place. 

So, shake the hand of those who won and wish them well.  They will need our help and vigilance to succeed. Stay involved and engaged and let’s work together. We can do it – Yes we can!

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