Attorney Campbell Recommends Taking Precautions


“Do not say more about the situation and seek legal advice” is what attorney Angela Campbell from the Dickey & Campbell, P.L.C. law firm recommends to those who have been detained by immigration authorities.
The legal expert explained that because of the migratory restriction that the country is living in, undocumented people should know how to react and also know of the deportation and criminal consequences that entering this country illegally after deportation may bring.
Campbell commented that
many people don’t realize they commit a crime and are exposed to more years in prison when they return illegally after they’ve been deported once.  “They believe that just because they served three months for that crime the first time, the second or third time will be just the same.  That is not correct; the prison stay could be up to 20 years simply because they returned to this country illegally after being deported, even though they haven’t committed any other crime”.
The legal expert warned that people that are repeatedly convicted of committing the federal crime of crossing the border without permission will lose the possibility of obtaining permanent residency or other legal status in the United States.  She also said that many people with legal residency lose their status and are deported to their native countries for committing acts that are against the law—whether it is a federal or state crime—such as, drug possession, domestic abuse or driving under the influence of alcohol.
On his behalf, Armando Villareal, Division of Latino Affairs Administrator, said its “a scandal in which we are living because we are not putting migratory reforms into action that reflect the reality of the XXI century.  In the United States, the immigration laws are the most voluminous and complicated laws that exist after the IRS.  The immigration laws aren’t as complicated as rocket science but they are difficult to follow because they have no logic whatsoever.  Even lawyers are confused due to the lack of clarity”.
“I understand the dream families have of reuniting with each other and the few options they have to obtain legal status in this country” continued attorney Campbell.  She understood that the possibilities of receiving legal work permits are low and because of that, the illegal immigration situation exists.
Campbell was pessimist about the approval of a short-term migratory reform that will cover all the deficiencies that currently exist in the system.  She also warned that even though such reform should ever be approved, it will be slow on granting permanent residencies, work permits and other legal residential possibilities.  Finally, the Dickey & Campbell, P.L.C. law firm partner advised all of those who still have the possibility of obtaining legal status in the United States to be patient and respect the law and those who are undocumented, she recommended, collaborate with the authorities when being arrested but to not say anything that could be used against them at their trial.

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