Ernesto Estigarribia, Music Director of the Quad Cities Youth Orchestra, visits with the Glenview Mariachi Band in East Moline


Recently, Ernesto Estigarribia, the Youth Ensemble Music Director and Quad Cities Symphonic Orchestra Assistant Conductor, took the afternoon off his busy schedule and made a special visit to Glenview Middle School in East Moline, IL. Conductor Estigarribia was there for a special rehearsal with the Glenview Mariachi Band. 

Mr. Estigarribia explained that he frequently makes visits to different schools in the Quad Cities area.

Ernesto Estigarribia, Music Director of the Quad Cities Youth Orchestra, practicing with the Glenview Mariachi Band in East Moline

“One of my missions here in the Quad Cities is to visit as many QC area schools as possible to offer support to teachers in the area and to spread the word about the Quad City Symphony and the amazing opportunities it has for young musicians,” he explained the reason why he likes to get involved with schools in the community.  


This was his second visit to Glenview Middle School. Two weeks ago Mr. Estigarribia visited the school bands under the direction of Joseph Brown, but the latest visit was reserved specifically for the Glenview Mariachi Band, a program managed and run by Richard Clark. In recent years this after school program has gained popularity. The band has performed at many different events around the Quad Cities. They even made a special presentation for audiences at the pre-show for Coco in concert by the Quad City Symphony Orchestra last January. 

Mr. Estigarribia enjoyed greatly this special visit with the Glenview Mariachi Band.

“Today, I returned to work with the Mariachi and I was very impressed by the work Mr. Clark has done” Mr. Estigarribia shared his thoughts about the visit and this after school program. “Mr. Clark is an experienced music teacher with incredible integrity and a passionate drive to serve his community. That in and of itself is a great life lesson, but he is also able to bring the entire Latino community together behind this great educational program. Honestly, I was having a great time working with them today that I was very sad when it was time to stop rehearsal. We worked on standard Mariachi tunes as well as a song by Enrique Iglesias. “


The children were excited to meet this now well-known conductor. Mr. Estigarribia seems to have a special talent for making music learning enjoyable for young people. His excitement and love for music shines and affects everyone around him. 

“I wholeheartedly believe that music is music, and there is tremendous musical and pedagogical value in everything they teach at the Glenview Mariachi Band,” he concluded praising the young budding musicians and the teachers that lead them in Glenview Middle School. “The student musicians were enthusiastic, receptive, and it goes without saying that they are very talented. There is something so special happening here in East Moline under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Brown and Mr. Richard Clark.”


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