Steve King the congressman from Iowa has once again made provoking comments against the immigrant community.

On a phone interview with the Steve Walzberg Show he was asked his take on Donald Trump’s plan to get Mexico to pay for the wall by impounding all remittance money sent to Mexico. He said that ‘A Good Chunk’ of that money is ‘Laundered Drug Money’

Monica Reyes founder of DREAM Iowa prepared the following statement and video in rebuttal of Rep. King’s comments

“As an undocumented immigrant myself and as someone whose family owned a store in Steve King’s District in which those remittances were sent to Mexico, I strongly disagree with Representative Steve King’s, comments about the remittances sent to Mexico. Many, if not all, of the hard-working immigrants that would come in to our store sent money to their families. This hard-earned money was sent to Grandmas, grandpas, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. In no way was this money used for drugs. I have seen, first-hand, Steve King’s tactics of fear. His words spread fear to separate Iowans from undocumented Iowans instead of embracing the community that has helped rural and urban Iowa greatly.” Reyes said.

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