Dos Santos Defends Title against Mir at UFC 146


Since making his debut in the UFC only four years ago, UFC Heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos has steamrolled through the division taking out some of MMA biggest names

like Mirko Cro Cop, Gabriel Gonzaga, and most recently Cain Velasquez. 

His became a household name last year when he was a coach on The Ultimate Fighter and on Saturday he will have his first title defense against another huge name in the sport, former Heavyweight champion, Frank Mir. 


The more wins you rack up in this sport means the more media attention you get and Dos Santos has split feelings on that matter.  “I like the attention the media is giving to me now, but sometimes it is too much,” explained Dos Santos.  “I know I am the champion now and this is something I have to do and most the time I really do enjoy it.” 

As Dos Santos seems to be picking off some of the UFC greats, although respecting Mir, he has no problem taking out one of the people he once looked up too.  Mir has also begun to talk some trash in the recent weeks, most likely to build the fight a little more, but Dos Santos is not known for that at all.  “Frank Mir is one of the best UFC Heavyweights now,” said Dos Santos.  “He likes to talk a lot but I prefer to let my hands do the talking for me.” 

It is almost comical how the UFC Heavyweight title switches waists more than any other division.  When watching the evolution of Dos Santos over the past few years, he may be the one to put a stop to that.  “I want to show everything that I know as a fighter on Saturday,” said Dos Santos.  I want to knock him out but I know he is very good on the ground, and if the fight goes there, I will be ready.”


UFC Heavyweight Champion, Junior Dos Santos faces Frank Mir at UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir this Saturday, May 26th live at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada at 10pm ET.


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