Des Moines Police Department have arrested woman co-conspirator of person posing as immigration attorney and defrauding people

Nancy Veronica Sandoval, residente de Des Moines, de 46 años fue arrestada por el DMPD.

Des Moines Police Department detectives have made an arrest in a months-long, multi-state fraud investigation. 

The investigation began in August 2021 when detectives in the Des Moines Police Department’s Special Assignment Unit began receiving cases reporting that a person in Texas, representing themselves as an immigration attorney, was accepting cash for services never rendered.  Through the course of the investigation, detectives learned that the person in Texas had a co-conspirator in Des Moines.

Detectives further learned that that the person in Texas was not an attorney, and that the conspiracy included promises of expedited residency and citizenship.


Des Moines Police Department Special Assignment Unit detectives have arrested 46-year-old Des Moines resident Nancy Veronica Sandoval for the following offenses:

  • Theft – 1st Degree
  • Conspiracy
  • Ongoing Criminal Conduct

Arrest warrants have been requested for the co-conspirator in Texas.

Since Sandoval’s arrest, additional victims have come forward.  Detectives believe that there are more victims who have not yet been identified.  Anyone who has been a victim, or believes that they have been a victim, of this scam is asked to contact Detective Dusty Chapline at 515-283-4966, or for victims only speaking Spanish, Zuleyma Mendez at 515-318-4089.

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