Des Moines Fashion Designer is releasing their Summer Release drop called “Flooded” on June 27

Picture of the special packaging of Flashy Finest in Des Moines, IA. Nixson Benitez / Hola Iowa

The Fashion Geek, a one of a kind clothing designer Native to Des Moines, IA will be dropping their 2021 Summer release on June 27th this bundle will be available online on the Flashy Finest Website.

Pachino Tehran Hill jr a designer, artist, and inspiration started drawing since he can remember. It wasn’t until when he was 12 years old he realized he wanted to be a clothing designer.

“One day in Art Class we began painting. It came with patience and it changed my outlook on Becoming an Artist. I did some thinking outside the box and I figured I could use my talents in another light” said Hill 


Hill continued “I was trying to find a way to channel my talents into a career later on in life. I thought to myself that creating designs would be the best way to do so.” said Hill

Hill is inspired by the community and by different individuals’ passion, the impact the community makes is what he uses to drive him on pen and paper. 

“I would like to impact as many people as possible along my Journey and in another sense to motivate the Kids/Youth to be self driven! ” said Hill


With Hill being a one man business it takes a little more time with packaging and as well seeing how people may react to some of his art.

“The business side takes discipline, it can become frustrating with keeping track of inventory and taxes etc” said Hill

As the world is watching Hill; his brand has touched nearly every state in the U.S and around the world! The brand is a living breathing force; as Hill continues to grow he also looks for different ways to bring different pieces of his art on garments. 


“You always have to jump in somebody else’s shoes and look at it differently.” said Hill

Hill continued “What makes this New Season drop different is that I’ve been rebranding my brand throughout the pandemic and now I’m finally ready to unlock the vault. This drop will be the last time I will be releasing the OG logo so if you haven’t got ahold of it now is the best time to do so. This summer drop every item will be a limited edition product, anything once released will never be re-dropped again. Make sure you build your collection.”

With this limited edition drop it is a perfect garment to start the summer and upcoming 4th of July weekend! These are a limited edition and about 4-5 new logos will be dropping from the designer himself.


Hill’s secret recipe is not too much of a secret. The recipe it takes to cook his season drops is the type of drive that’s been rooted in the Des Moines metro area.

“We all have seeds that are planted in us that have potential to grow from a caterpillar to a butterfly. If you don’t water it then how do you expect it to blossom? Be teachable, be independent, the person that didn’t shovel will always expect someone to be there to dig. Those that are self driven will never expect others to give.” said Hill


Although the secret recipe to his season drop is not what many expect, it is the drive that makes people love the brand and what makes Flashy Finest stand out. It is one person, one brand, and a change that has impacted and will continue to impact the world. The Flashy Finest brand continues to grow and has even touched in places outside the U.S. 

“This is going to be off the map” said Hill

Consumers may be able to find the 2021 summer season drop “Flooded” online on Flashy Finest and in Participating stores June 27th! Individuals may contact [email protected] for any questions or for more information.  

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