Dallas County makes efforts to register Latinos to vote


Throughout the whole state, political parties are all hands on deck to ensure that that Latinos have a voice during this election.

Groups like the Dallas County Democrats are organizing voter registration and opportunities to join debate watch parties. Tiffany Vaughn comes from Philadelphia to help with these efforts.

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“If I could describe this election in three words, I would use: revolutionary, momentous, and unparalled.” Tiffany tells us that she decided to come to Iowa for this election because she knew that we were at a turning point in our history.


“The United States is being tested once more to determine how much progress we can make, and to see how much we truly believe all truths to be self-evident, that men and women were created equal.” For her and many more, what is most exciting is the fact that for the first time in United States history, it is possible that we may have a female President. “That feat in itself is something that I want to share with my 4-year-old daughter, that she may desire to grow up and be a change maker, and participate in the political process. Iowa is such an important state that has made a considerable amount of effort to become more inclusive. As a woman of color, I knew that it would be important to focus on outreach in my communities, to push the importance of voting and to genuinely be able to relate to the concerns of affordable education, fair pay, and healthcare within our communities. I want nothing else put to elect the person that I feel is the best representation of moving America forward, and someone who progressively wants to help erase the stains of Americas past.”

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