Collecting for the Cure: Arrowhead resident raises money for Race for the Cure

Arrowhead staff member, Logan Hagerman donates to Ben for the Race for the Cure.

When Ben, a resident at Arrowhead Youth and Family Services, found out that the Arrowhead Run Team would be volunteering and running in this year’s Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure on Saturday, he took it upon himself to take his philanthropic personality one step further. “I was thinking about taking money out my own account but thought it would be even better to get donations to give back to the event.”

With the help of staff, he constructed a donation can decked out in pink and white and in just one week has collected almost $100 from staff, his peers and pretty much anyone who has visited Arrowhead in the last week. “The response has been good,” said Ben. “People have really wanted to go get whatever change they had and help. Every bit counts.” The Race for the Cure also hits Ben on a personal level as his Grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. “She had it when I was pretty young,” said Ben. “But she is doing well now.”

Arriving at Arrowhead four months ago, Ben is halfway done with the program and has taken full advantage of everything the program has offered, including being on Arrowhead’s therapeutic run team which provides the residents the healthy outlet of running and gives them many community service opportunities during their stay. “Running helps me by giving me motivation and self-confidence,” explained Ben. “It shows me what I can do and pushes me to want to do great things.”


Unbeknownst to Ben, just a few days after he started all this, was awarded Arrowhead’s 2017 Athlete of the Year award, given to a resident that shows a positive attitude in an athletic setting but also in the program as well. “It was very unexpected and gives me a confidence boost to keep doing well.” said Ben.

And to make the day even more special his sisters and Grandmother were in the audience that day to watch him receive his award. “My sister couldn’t stop smiling,” said Ben. “My grandma and sister were very proud of me and told me to keep doing what I’m doing now when I get out, to keep my life successful”

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