The initiation of the Barack Obama government is a worldwide radical change in the history of the United States in various factors: Social, cultural, racial, economic, political.  Very few times there’s been a person with so many new and different characteristics, capable of motivating the country with the certainty that this time, things will be different.

Its about an African-American man born on the island of Honolulu, Hawaii.  He is the son of a Kenyan man and a white American woman from Kansas.  Abandoned by his biological father at the age of 2, his mother married and Indonesian man when Obama was just 3 years old and they went to live in that country.  In Indonesia, Obama experienced the cruel reality of poverty in the Third World.  Four years later, her returned to Hawaii, in which he lived alone with his mother and was later raised by his maternal grandmother.

Judging by his childhood, stability wasn’t precisely the most abundant thing for Barack Obama, but his professional and political career constitute an example of solidity that’s rarely seen.


With his assumption at hand, Obama breaks down the biggest barriers that racism, segregation and discrimination built on this country.  And this broken obstacle will not only favor the black community, but all the the minorities, including of course, ours, the Hispanics:  with the arrival of Obama the racial and discriminatory wave that was passing thru this country will unlikely get any bigger with anti-immigrant laws or minuteman groups.

With his arrival, Obama also signifies a shield of luck to our community.  Even though the Immigration Reform wasn’t a big topic in his campaign, there is no doubt that his own story indicates clearly that his heart is with most vulnerable.  Indeed his latest statements concerning the topic of immigration have left us a bit worried, due to the fact that the economic crisis is hitting the working class very hard, a group made up primarily of our Latino community.

The Barack Obama government faces a difficult situation, with many actual circumstances that aren’t favorable at all.  We are living in an economic and unemployed crisis that hasn’t been seen since 1930.  The country is going thru two wars far from victorious, the United States for many has turned into an obstacle for the future of countries that it intended to liberate and contrary to what George Bush repeated in his last four years of presidency, the United States is no longer the most secure place to live in.


With 79% of support at the beginning of his term in office, the first black President in the history of the United States has in his hands a country with multiple and deep problems and his plan to get out of the hole seem clear: appeal to the veteran spirits of those that founded this nation, to reconstruct it and turn it back into what the eight years under President George W. Bush happened to shatter.

The idea that the U.S. is a country that’s still under construction, plunged into a permanent battle to be a role model in an unscripted future, rings out strongly throughout the country.  Its about an objective that Obama has wanted to capture since the beginning of his term, in his intent to turn the country’s attention to that ending.


For that, taking up a tradition that Abraham Lincoln began in 1861 and that at only a few days of taking on his term as president in the middle of one of his worst moments, he got on a train and accompanied by his family, friends and newspaper writers, got to Washington, in a slow journey with many obstacles.

“For the American Revolution did not end when British guns fell silent. It was never something to be won only on a battlefield or fulfilled only in our founding documents. It was not simply a struggle to break free from empire and declare independence.” said Obama in a brief statement.


“The American Revolution was – and remains – an ongoing struggle ‘in the minds and hearts of the people’ to live up to our founding creed.” He added.

 “Barack” means “blessed”.  Maybe it’s a sign that’s trying to give us hope that we have a president that counts on God.

Whatever it may be, the dark outlook that the multiple and serious problems that this country faces left behind, now seems to have light, a light of hope that the first black President in the history of the United States has accomplished to place in the majority of the population, a population that demands the construction of a new era, in which the “American Dream” can still be at the reach of all of those that step foot on the land of opportunity, with hope of a better life.

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