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On December 18 of 2015 Cesar Vargas and Erika Andiola, members for the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, met with young leaders of the Latino community in Sioux City, IA. During this meeting they discussed some of the following topics were discussed: immigration reform, illegal entry, access to higher education, access to healthcare and others and the fact that Bernie Sanders campaign is being funded  one hundred percent by citizens and not by Super PACs.

In an interview with Mundo Latino Erika Andiola, DREAMer and a well known and respected immigration activist in the country, commented that she started working with Sanders in November of 2015 helping his campaign with Hispanic outreach, a very important demographic group for the 2016 elections, and starting in December, in order to help the campaign, she started to work closely with Hispanic media companies.


“What we are looking for is to connect with Hispanic community in Iowa. Although the population here is not as big as the one in Nevada or Colorado, but it is growing and especially in rural areas and we believe they can make the difference for the election campaign,” Andiola said.

Erika Andiola has extensive experience organizing Hispanic community. As a DREAmer she was active with immigration issue in the whole country and now as a representative of Senator Sanders she is returning to her conversation with the Hispanic community.


“We want to see what the Hispanic community in Iowa wants and how we can connect with them,” she mentioned.

The most important issue for the community is the economy. The Sanders Campaign says, “someone who works 40 hours a week should not live in poverty.” Education is another important topic that goes along with economy. One of Sanders’ propositions is to make public colleges or universities free of charge so young people could continue their education after High School without worrying about the high cost.

One of the most important topics among members of the Hispanic community is immigration reform. Andiola commented that if Bernie Sanders becomes President and if Congress does not act on immigration reform, that he, as President, will do it himself.

“He assures that changes in politics will happen so the 11 million of undocumented people could live a better life in this country.”

Andiola tells us that she joined the Bernie Sanders campaign because this campaign is funded by people and communities.

“He is not funded by corporations. Bernie always says that the money given to politicians by big corporations always have to be returned to them in some ways,” she said.

According to Andiola Bernie Sanders Campaign is different because it is funded by people and their donations of $30.

“Bernie will pay back to people and communities that put him in power,” she said.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign will continue connecting with the Hispanic community, listening to their comments, talking closely to them and more importantly empowering communities that are being attacked by such people as Donald Trump and his followers.

“It is maddening to hear people like Trump, but for us it is very important to empower the communities that are being attacked and create a movement with social conscience and make a way in this country, go out to vote so our voices can be heard,” she said.

The strategy is to have a close contact with people; thousands of volunteers are ready to go out there from door to door in the whole country to talk about Sanders’ standpoints and to be part of the people.

“There is a lot to be done but we are optimistic and sure that the moment will come and the Hispanic community will learn about Bernie Sanders, his message and why people support him,” she declared.

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