Brighter Futures at Arrowhead


As the Quad Cities goes through daily changes, one place that has been a staple in the community is Arrowhead Ranch.  The I Wireless Center was host to the Brighter Futures Breakfast Fundraiser where many community leaders and suppo rters of Arrowhead came out to hear testimonials of current and past residents while also learning about the program. 

Arrowhead CEO, Angela Moody welcomed everyone to the event and played a video that let the viewers into the day and life of an Arrowhead resident.  Most of the residents are court ordered into the program and have criminal or misdemeanor charges, so it was nice to see a video of them enjoying their time at the facility.  One particular resident John was asked to speak and reflect back on his time at Arrowhead.  In a few weeks, John will graduate from the program and be added to the long list of successful discharges.  John came to Arrowhead with strong gang values and admits to not doing much in his first months.  “At first I really didn’t want to talk about my problems because I didn’t want to admit that I had them.” explained John.  “Arrowhead showed me that there are many kids like me and I can do better.”  John has become quite the leader to his peers and feels comfortable transitioning back home and hopes other at-risk teens will work just as hard as he has if they have to come to Arrowhead.  “If you have a chance to come here, do it.  Don’t take the easy way out and chose prison,” said John.  “Come and try it and you will get something out of it.” 

Development Director, Brandon Terronez was very pleased with the turnout and hopes the community will continue to show support for Arrowhead.  “We wanted to let the community know what we really do at Arrowhead and how many kids we help,” said Terronez.  “The generosity of the community was great today.”  For more information on Arrowhead or if you would like to help the organization in any way, contact Brandon Terronez at 309-799-7044 or visit their website at

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