Bill Richardson Makes a Stop in Iowa City


bill_richardsonGovernor Bill Richardson D-N.M. attracted more than 200 people on June 26 to a “job interview” in Iowa City.  Richardson has said that his resume speaks for itself but admitted that he is not the most popular name running for president. He received applause from the audience for his stance on the Iraq war saying that he would pull all the

troops from the country. The crowd applauded strongly.
Richardson plans to make a few mores stops in the state of Iowa to receive more recognition. He has gained 10 percent in the polls since March.

According to a poll conducted for his campaign, he has overtaken Illinois Senator Barack Obama for third place in the state of Iowa. Richardson now has 18 percent and Obama had 16 percent among Democrats who voted in the 2004 Iowa caucus, voted in the 2006 primary and said how they would vote in the 2008 caucus. Former South Carolina Senator John Edwards leads with 31 percent and Senator Hillary Clinton in second with 23 percent.

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